Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain, Sun, Mountains

Today is the official solstice (actually, the exact moment was at 5:45 GMT this am- but I wasn't awake). We have had an unusual amount of rain here in Colorado this spring, and things are feeling positively midwestern. It is green in places we don't expect green, my vegetable garden is going nuts, the wildflowers are blooming (and so are the bugs). Considering that we live in high desert (really- check the average rainfall), it isn't feeling very desert-like this year. But that does make for some nice images. 
The one above was taken at Cottonwood Lake last week. We were on a family camping trip. This lake is only a mile or so East and about 1000 feet below the continental divide. The trees have just turned green up there, and the flowers were just blooming. It rained almost every night. This shot was taken early in the morning after the clouds had almost burnt off.

All the rain has some things blooming that we don't normally see much of this time of year. As we drove home through South Park last Sunday (yes- its a real place with real people, though we didn't see Cartman), there were huge bunches of Columbine along the side of the road. I have never see the state flower in such concentration. 

The shot above is of a columbine just about to bloom, taken on a very damp morning up by Cottonwood Lake.
Oh yeah- today is also Father's Day. Thanks Dad. And thanks to all the fathers out there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games!

I guess summer is really here, because it is time for the Lyons Outdoor Games. Click the link for a full schedule and all the details. This year's festival is bigger than ever- more fun, more crashes, more events... more of everything. Isn't that just what you wanted?

LOG (as its affectionately known around here), started as a small local whitewater event- but boy has it grown.  This year there will be competitions, classes and shows in kayaks, on bikes, with fishing rods- you name it, its here.

Of course there will be the whitewater events- the creek race on the South 
St. Vrain, Boatercross (wicked collisions), and the rodeo in the Black Bear Holes. There will also be booths, vendors and lots of activities along the river. The organizers have made a real effort to make sure that there is something for everyone at this year's festival. 

And the dogs! Who doesn't want to watch happy dogs hurl themselves into the pond in pursuit of a ball- come on, that's the best!

But the big news this year is probably the new and improved bike park and all the events that will happen there. With a lot of local support (especially Glen of Bitterbrush Cycles), the park has had a complete makeover. There is an awesome pump track, some really great landscaped obstacles, and the jumps are better than ever. 

Volunteers were out working over the last week to have the park buffed and shined for the events of the weekend, and some of the volunteers managed to take a few laps as well. The overall quality of the park is great, and there are jumps and moves for riders of all levels. Expect the competition this weekend to show off all the possibilities the new park has to offer. 

I caught Matt Radich of Lyons checking out the new jumps last night- nice moves there Matt. The ramps in the park have been completely reshaped, and there are some really great lines now. Hopefully we will see a lot of very cool action this weekend. 

Its already clear that the improved park is going to make Lyons an even better attraction for cyclists then it already is. With our awesome trails, the bike park, and the great hill climbing for road bikes, there really isn't anywhere else you need to go!

If you are looking for something to do come on out to Lyons this weekend- it will be a great show.